24 borrowed hours: on love

on love.

what is love? how does it make you feel? do you let it crawl into your heart? how do you know it’s real? let it tear you apart.. make you really feel passion? distraction? can you imagine .. a lifetime. me and you = a pipeline. havin someone there, with you,, makes the world seem a little more fair, its true… – the rose and the thorn for love, theres no pain i wouldnt endure. but before i jump i have to be sure itll be there to catch me and not a mirage arisen from the drought ive been liven, words of affirmation, but i really just wanna hear your lips utter phonation- say anything, i just like it when you speak to me like two bodies of water, you and i flow in and out of eachother, no one runs -nobody takes cover. i let you hit me full force, tranmsute the energy send it back to the source, you take all of me and i come back for more a cosmic web of creation, every breath a new animation– what if i manifested you, gave birth to you- through my mind, now here you are before my very eyes. what do i say to that, keep my head down and walk away to that see we think we want what we want, but when it shows up we all sit down. rather admire it from afar than risk being the flame that burns it all down……..maybe its masochistic but everytime i see a chance i close my eyes and kiss it … mixed with i know i can bounce back from anything and i just like experimenting… i fall in love between the lines on my empty pages everyday as i romanticize the pain and it slowly fades away but none of my crushes ever make it outside my brain – maybe thats why me ego still remains, lacking the demoliton only surrender can bring, so nowadays i throw my body on the grass more and let my soul sing

i dont think we dive deeep enough these days, maybe thats why we cant find something that stays. you know how long things stay in the depths for? thousand years old ships sit at the bottom of the sea, waiting for you and me- to discover them, swim down and get up under them. are you down to rock with the beat of the sea? let your hips sway to the rhythym of me? spin you around, goin up, goin down

i don’t think people go deep enough these days, tryna go deeper makes em all pull away. even me! shit what can i say, guess i can’t take what i give. i got trouble receiving but i always deliver. i hope you can be patient and let me cook you some dinner. i’m sorry for my indifference but this world to me spins different i’m not sure how to speak without tryna preach. put me on a podium my words’ll cause a pandemonium – magical potions and spells we birth as we pass through hell, mind control is the rock that blocks the flow. i try to put my phone down but it picks me back up, i wanna turn the page now- look back as they stack up, everyday is a new day i can try new things nomatter who say- wrap me in your arms and let the beat sway

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