Fire is healing. The earth provides us with all that we need to heal, her elements are our elements. we are one. fire burns, disintegrates. leaves nothing but ashes in its path. set aflame all the things that live within you that you no longer want in your home. remember, you can not set another’s house on fire. you cannot control what goes on outside of your home. you can not control the flames that rage outside, only those that rage within. focus. control. release.

allow yourself to use this as inspiration to sit in silence with a candle, or by a fire. focus on the flames, feel the heat. set your intention, then watch it burn.

fire has been used as a method to cleanse the air and as a method of worship for…well, probably for as long as the earth has been the earth. “WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE!” 🎶 it was one of the first tools that we discovered as a species, it is what allows us to cook our food, to feel heat, to drive cars to experience electricity. fire is electric. it can be devastating, like the fires that rage in california or the MAN MADE fires that burn down our forests.

regardless, fire is one of the most powerful elements and tools that we have on this earth. candles are one of my favorite things in the world. because through the fire we can experience aromatherapy and connect deeper to self. i invite you all to find a little fire in your life, be it literal or figurative. allow the fire to light your passions, burn away all things no longer meant for you. allow the fire to burn the paths that you should not take and leave a trail of ashes leading you towards home. i love you.

30 day poetry challenge

GREETINGS POETS! i invite you all to embark on this 30 day poetry challenge for the month of november and december. #poember

follow the prompts on every day, record yourself and hashtag #poember

this is to promote self growth and confidence. to own your voice and show up in the world more authentically you! research the topics and develop a stance through self reflection. give it a shot! happy writing 🦋🦋🦋🦋

letting go

The Life of Stardust.

i have to let go. i have to step into the unknown. I close my eyes and I can picture it. the unknown. it is vast and dark. i picture a flat plain leading out into infinity. i do not know where it starts or where it ends. all i know is that it is there and i can feel it and it consumes me when i truly picture it. the way i have been living my life is no longer the way i want to live. i must take this step this risk and venture into the uncharted seas of me and of we. i must let go and trust in myself, and all of the things i do not know. in these desolate undiscovered places of my being that are mirrored in this reality. i have to push myself and motivate myself and be there and true. this…

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The Life of Stardust.

what if we understand life as dr. strange did when he gave the time stone to thanos? what if we understood, or even accepted for a moment, that this is the only way it will work out… that out of all the possible realities it has to occur like this in order for it to work out. now, who knows if that’s true, but nothing is really true until it’s true soooo i feel like thinking that this is our only chance, to live, to wake-up, to make love, to do SOMETHING, will help us in more ways than one. it could help us live more driven and inspired lives, help us to cultivate what it is we really want to see in the world, what we would like to do in the world and for the world. because believing this is your only chance to experience this moment (which…

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