#poember – Day 4 – something you want to change in the world

TITLE: war is over, if you want it

“who did it?

was it the muslims?

the americans?

the chinese?

the whites?

the blacks?

who was it?”


humans killing humans”

man this shit is really a nuisance

cant take a deep breath

without inhaling the bullshit

for centuries

humans have grown on earth

for centuries

to wars we have given birth

since wars begin in the minds of men

it is in the minds of men

the defenses of peace must be established

im tired of hearing about all this havoc

we reap upon ourselves

then try and blame hell

can’t you see that we create this reality?

videos of hate, of death

got me holdin my breath

people praising a icon of hate

not caring about their neighbor

just gossiping about her being late

dont even get me started about roast culture

i swear we be actin like a bunch of vultures

lobsters in a bucket

pushing eachother down to get on top

end up boilin in a pot

what would happen if the lobsters worked together

if they all pushed to one side

instead of pushing eachother down

and of the bucket made a clown

what do i want to see change?

the way humans treat eachother and themselves everyday

kids in schools getting bullied for a cheap laugh

syria getting bombed for a payday

our earth spit on and trashed

i want to see our society be responsible





for the people we raise

the shame and guilt we face

and the outcome of our days

i want to see people who can say

hey, im sorry

people who can say

how can i support you?

people who can say

i love you

to a stranger

cause really, whats the danger?

making eye contact

is a lost artifact

i want to see

people who

meet up to have trash clean ups

meet up and actually talk to eachother

not stare at a phone

and ignore one another

i want to see the end of greed

and the rise of love

i want to see the heavens descend from above

the end of conformity

the beginning of originality

you know 99% of people are afraid to be themselves

because theyre afraid of you giving them hell?

isnt this something we should think about

talk about?

the dark places others dwell

because of a human induced hell?

i want more places of worship

besides just churches

places of hope, of peace

non judgemental

spots where we can break bread

and share each piece

i want forgiveness

i want reparations

i want bravery


and safe places



and vulnerability

is the air i want to breathe

to get to this divine utopia

we must share the cornucopia

so all may live in abundance

remove the labels

and accept each one for who they choose to be

stop imposing identities

give people safe places to breathe

to bleed

to cry

to heal

war is over, if you want it

but we must first have the courage

to be real, to feel

and to flaunt it

Do you want to have sex with me?

yesterday i was pumping gas at the gas station when this homeless man came up to me and asked if he could shine my front lights. he said he could get them like new again, but he would charge me $20. i almost said no, then he told me he lived on a bridge with 20 other people and i would really be helping them out if i said yes… then he looks at me with the puppy dog eyes and says “please”. and of course, i said yes. i mean what’s $20 to those puppy dog eyes!

so i come out from getting the cash and he’s shining away at the lights. i inspect it and tell him he did a beautiful job and award him the money he earned.

he then asks, “do you have a boyfriend?”

“no, i don’t”, i say

“what do you do for sex?”, he asks as though he just asked me what my name was.

i’m a little taken aback so i don’t answer right away..

“do you want to have sex with me?” he asks again as though it’s a question as simple as, what’s your name?

“no, thank you.”

SO my friends, what can we learn from this extremely forward yet shockingly considerate man? he just asked me if i wanted to have sex with him, minutes after he told me he lived on a bridge with 20 other people. when he asked me this, he did not have a hint of shame or fear. when i replied and negated the offer, he did not have a hint of shame or rejection. what i learned from this man was that rejection only exists in your mind, not in the real world. if someone says no to your offer- be it for sex, a job, a friendship or a follow on social media- it should not affect you in anyway. rejection is born from the self-talk that continues in YOUR head after the conversation has taken place and the “no” has been stated. he went along his merry way and my rejection of his offer did not affect his self esteem, or the way he showed up in the world. so why is it that we, who have everything and don’t need to sleep on a bridge, are so easily swayed when someone says no to us? why is our self-esteem and self-image so easily wounded?

because of the self-talk! the things we tell ourselves after the exchange is over is what creates the residual effects of hate, etc. in our minds. so go out today and MAKE AN OFFER! PRACTICE REJECTION! put yourself in a situation where a “no” is more likely than a yes, then allow yourself to practice brushing off the no! it’s not a big deal when someone says no because if they do, then you’re right back to where you started and nothing has changed! don’t tell yourself how shitty and worthless you are because someone refused you. tell yourself that they’re missing out, or you don’t need them anyways or whatever fits your situation and will allow you to LET IT GO!! ask questions, make offers, go first and life will reward you. don’t let your fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

i love you.