living off 24 borrowed hours : a series

DAY 2~ so this project is truly meant to inspire me more than anything, inspire me to become conscious of what i do during my 24 hours. and always to remind me that they are borrowed. i am here exchanging something with this life, with our creator, with my soul~who knows. but i know that i am getting something so beautiful in return. i am getting the gift of the human experience. and sometimes this makes me anxious. because i want what i give back to be as impactful and amazing as what life gives me everyday. there’s so much for me to overcome to get there. but is there? is there reaaaally? because more and more i’m thinking that maybe life just wants me to do something, anything. to make choices, to be alive. maybe i don’t have to become this larger than life person in society. maybe what matters is how i live my individual life. that i follow my heart, lead with faith, and am honest person, etc. i know this is true. i hear it in the simplicity of the everyday rhythms of life. rhythms that are seemingly complex, but innately simple. they flow with the rhythm of life and something tells me that there is no effort there. the wind just blows, squirrels eat acorns and birds fly. so what do i do? that’s what i need to figure out. i don’t think i need to set out to become the most impactful person this planet has ever experienced, because well, that’s a lot. very overwhelming. i believe self-knowledge to be my gift to life. in return for all she gives me. i will get to know the whispers of my soul and move in this life with integrity, as someone who knows themselves. as someone who listens to their soul and works everyday to be more herself. that’s what i want to give to life and that’s what i want to give to the world. i want to go into the darkest corners of myself and turn on the lights. so that the whole world may see this, and together we can light the world up. operation atomiK light.

lady soi