Fire is healing. The earth provides us with all that we need to heal, her elements are our elements. we are one. fire burns, disintegrates. leaves nothing but ashes in its path. set aflame all the things that live within you that you no longer want in your home. remember, you can not set another’s house on fire. you cannot control what goes on outside of your home. you can not control the flames that rage outside, only those that rage within. focus. control. release.

allow yourself to use this as inspiration to sit in silence with a candle, or by a fire. focus on the flames, feel the heat. set your intention, then watch it burn.

fire has been used as a method to cleanse the air and as a method of worship for…well, probably for as long as the earth has been the earth. “WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE!” 🎶 it was one of the first tools that we discovered as a species, it is what allows us to cook our food, to feel heat, to drive cars to experience electricity. fire is electric. it can be devastating, like the fires that rage in california or the MAN MADE fires that burn down our forests.

regardless, fire is one of the most powerful elements and tools that we have on this earth. candles are one of my favorite things in the world. because through the fire we can experience aromatherapy and connect deeper to self. i invite you all to find a little fire in your life, be it literal or figurative. allow the fire to light your passions, burn away all things no longer meant for you. allow the fire to burn the paths that you should not take and leave a trail of ashes leading you towards home. i love you.


it is a scientific fact that our minds can not accept contradicting beliefs. we will always choose one over the other, consciously or subconsciously. it has often been said that humans are creatures of habit. i believe this to be true. which is why it is paramount that we develop the correct habits. habits that push us in the direction of where and who we want to be. this includes not only physical habits (exercise, healthy eating, conscious consumerism) but habits pertaining to beliefs and thoughts (meditation, prayer, etc).

the discussion surrounding the topics of faith and fear can be summed up into two, marvelous words: PICK ONE.

i think we all know which one we SHOULD pick, right? (the answer is faith…those of you who said fear…stop playin)

FAITH! because faith is what will push us forward in moments of extreme doubt, anxiety and uncertainty. faith fuels hope. faith is what fuels the fire of action and belief in ourselves. when we lead with faith, we CHOOSE to believe that no matter what happens there is something bigger at play and everything is working out in divine order, just as it should be. (“she who thinks she can and she who thinks she can’t, are both usually right”)

in moments where we walk through the dark (literally and figuratively) it will be our faith, not our fear that will propel our legs forward. our fear will paralyze us and force us to relinquish all choice, all clarity. we will default to the dark and instead of facing the dark with courage, we run into a corner and allow it to consume us. it is in the dark that our clarity and light must shine through the brightest. it is in the dark that we must choose faith, over and over again. many things arise in our “dark” times, and the faith and trust in the moment itself or in a resolution, or god, or divine timing-will many times be what sees you out.

take some time today to ask yourself what you want to let run you. faith or fear. and acknowledge that they can not both exist. your mind will default to one or the other based on habit and conditioning. if you want to change your default, then become conscious of what it is and work mercilessly to get it to align with your highest good. i believe that our highest good is fueled by faith, not fear. so that is why i choose to believe in the good things. that everything will work out, that every choice i make is the right one. because for far too long i have allowed fear to run me and make my decisions. but this is my life, and i am responsible for the choices i make and the principles i allow to influence those choices. choose faith and watch your life and mind expand.

there are infinite possibilities in this universe, the good news is you have a say in the ones you choose.

i love u

you ever feel like you’re late to your life?

have any of you ever felt like you woke up in the middle of your life?

i have been living through this for about a year now and it is quite tough to get through. i teeter between excitement to finally feel fully alive in my body and anxiety that i’m late. that somehow or someway i should’ve already done these things, that i wasted so much time.

feelings like this are hard to cope with many times. they can feel immensely overwhelming and are undeniably the building blocks of anxiety because they are rooted in worry. but our job as humans and as owners of these thoughts and feelings is to analyze them, get to the core and figure out what it is we’re really afraid of. what is triggering this fear? this worry? this negativity? some of the things that fuel this fire are the beliefs that we won’t have enough time to do what we want to do or that we will die or that we won’t be able to live the way we want or that we’ll never accomplish our dreams, etc. etc. because of these fears many of us don’t even try!! we don’t even try to live the life of our dreams!! we stay on autopilot because we are afraid to fail… but what we don’t realize is that by choosing not to try, you have already failed and by choosing faith, you can not fail.

our brains can not accept conflicting thoughts. so it is very important that we get to the core and figure out how we truly feel about things. because once we do, we can let go of those that aren’t in line with what we TRULY believe. many times, our opinions/thoughts/beliefs are rooted in the opinions of others or negative beliefs we have about ourselves. it is CRUCIAL that we free ourselves from these things if we are to show up in the world full forced.

so when i have these thoughts that i’m “late” to my own life, i laugh and i check MYSELF. because it is impossible for me to be late to my own life! i’m not living on someone else’s timeline, i’m living on my own! so how can it be, that i’m late? late compared to what? we have to develop a sense of trust, this is vital to creating a comfortable rhythm between you and life. trust is a practice! so start with things that will not disappoint you, the inevitable truths of life. then, trust yourself. trust that everything is happening exactly as it should be, because it is! there are infinite possibilities in the world, infinite “timelines” so to speak. there is a reason why this one is happening and why we are here, now. so BE HERE NOW. accept the moment, this infinite and divine present moment, for it is all we have. the past no longer exists, although effects of it may still linger, it is gone. and it is up to US as responsible, conscious humans to CHECK OURSELVES and put ourselves back on the right path when we stray away. with love, grace, trust and the power of your will, you will become who you want to be. it takes great courage to do so. start now! accept your life for what is has been and what it will be, and BE FREEEEEE MY LOVES, BE FREE!!!!

i love you

-lady, soi.